Arts management

& Consultancy

Helping organizations successfully manage change, opportunity and uncertainty.

Jamie's career began in professional nonprofit theatre eventually serving as managing director for Actor's Express, the Hangar Theatre, and the Icarus Theatre Ensemble, a company he co-founded in 2000. He was a co-founder and partner with Golden Fish Software and worked as a consultant under Independent Arts Consultants. As an academic Jamie has taught business and arts management at Ithaca College, Point Park University,
and Mercyhurst University.


He is the author of "A Simple Statement, A Guide to Nonprofit Arts Management and Leadership"‚Äč and "Actor, Inc., How to Get the Next Gig - and Still Pay the Rent". He is the author of many articles and is a frequent speaker on arts marketing, audience development, and emerging technologies.


Jamie Grady is available as a consultant and guest speaker, locally and abroad. As an experienced keynote speaker, Jamie has a thoughtful way of sharing research important to the arts and culture community.

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